Proof Management Seeking University Graduates in Hiring Push

Proof Management's leadership team has started a major hiring push that will last several months and fill multiple positions. Lindsay, the firm's director, indicated that this initiative will be focused on recent graduates.

Hiring new team members is an exciting time for every business. It is an indication of success as well as an opportunity to get to know new people with diverse perspectives. Lindsay explained that the firm has been experiencing a continued increase in demand and that she and her colleagues need to expand their capacity to promote these products.

“It is a great time to be at Proof Management,” she said. “We are starting new campaigns on a regular basis. Of course, this means we need additional brand ambassadors in order to make sure we can provide top-quality services to everyone. So, we will be adding a lot of people to our team in a number of positions.”

She indicated that they are primarily looking for highly motivated individuals seeking careers in the marketing industry. According to Lindsay, Proof Management has an advanced training program that is effective in teaching a wide range of skills, including the firm’s unique outreach method as well as other topics such as leadership and communication.

"It is a great time to be at Proof Management,"

Lindsay S., Director of Operations

“Our primary hiring criterion is passion,” she elaborated. “We can teach technical skills to even the most inexperienced individual. However, we can’t teach anyone to want to succeed. So, I encourage people who want to make careers for themselves in the marketing industry to apply through our website.”

Proof Management’s Director Highlights the Benefits of Hiring Recent Graduates


Lindsay stated that Proof Management leadership will primarily be pursuing recent college graduates in this hiring initiative. She explained that this is based on the many benefits of building a team of young professionals.

“We have found that recent graduates tend to be excellent team players,” she said. “A lot of college curricula tend to emphasize this, so young people coming out of school are great at fitting into this dynamic. They are also very efficient at picking up technology, which is meaningful in the marketing industry because it is increasingly powered by tech.”

She added that recent graduates tend to be full of new ideas. Diverse perspectives are important to the Proof Management team because they help create the most innovative campaigns. Lindsay asserted that many young professionals are also excited to execute their ideas even if it means extra effort, such as traveling.

“Recent graduates are all around good choices for our team,” she concluded. “Young people are the future leaders of the business world. So, we want to get started working with them soon. As such, we have established several partnerships with local universities in order to help us find and attract the best talent.”